Introducing ZigZag Into Reality

Growing up, the only field that I (and pretty much everyone around me) remotely connected to fashion seemed to start and stop at designing. As opposed to the endless information you could find on any other profession, the resources available on hand for carving a path in the Indian fashion or beauty industry were minimal. In a conventional society – where the only acceptable career choices have always been engineering, medicine or law – pursuing anything ‘arts’ related is instantly met with a wave of criticism. 

ZigZag Into Reality, a new segment on The Obsession Quotient, explores the jagged journeys of those individuals who chose to enter this unmapped setting of the Indian fashion and beauty industry. This platform aims to challenge every instance a job rooted in creativity has been regarded not real enough, frivolous or simply superficial. 

It will shine a spotlight on various roles within this industry that go beyond designing, and often come with its own baggage of myths – everyone is busy running a fashion show, stylists dress up people, journalists pen down top trends, marketers post on social media or visual designers just curate good images. 

Through honest dialogues, candid conversations and a zoomed in lens on navigating in a field that evokes amusement from most, ZigZag Into Reality engages with Indian creatives far and wide to bring to you a plethora of resources which is long overdue. 

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