Winter Sun

With minus temperatures and snow in London, it seems like an accurate time to reminisce about my travel to Dubai in December last year. The place is and always will feel like home, visiting it brings back memories from the time we actually lived there (seems like an eternity ago). For many, Dubai is synonymous with being the epitome of modernity, all with towering skyscrapers and city lights. But behind the glamour and the allure of it all, there lies a beautiful, untouched rustic frame that we explored this time around.

Complete with alleyways, a medley of brown textures and sandy walls, it was a welcome escape from the usual, busy tourist spots. The creek here didn’t overlook the popular, fashionable landscape of the Marina that’s probably come across your Instagram feed one too many times. Instead you’d find yourself gazing at an array of down-to-earth homes and boats, reminding me that part of Dubai’s charm also lies in it’s simplicity. 


A massive thank you to my dad for being the amazing and patient photographer that he is! x

Outfit Details-

Top- Forever 21

Bottoms- Forever 21

Bag- Guess

Earrings- PrettyLittleThing

Heels- Zara

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