A Day In The Lavender Fields

We were blessed with amazing weather when visiting the Mayfield Lavender Farm and it was the perfect opportunity to bring out those summer hats from hiding. I’ve seen countless pictures of these farms on Instagram but nothing beats seeing it in person because they are breathtaking. It makes one think, that although we have social media at the tip of our fingers, we can’t live other people’s travels and it’s so important to get out of that bubble. Experiencing the lavender fields myself, there are a few myths I can bust which you probably won’t come across on the ‘gram’.

1. There are an INSANE number of bees/bugs in these fields. The possibility of getting stung is extremely high, so for every picture you see of a blogger running amongst these flowers, keep in mind that she was also running amongst a lot of angry bees.

2. Appropriate footwear is so important because the ground is uneven and on a hot day the last thing you want is to be struggling in a pair of heels.

3. You will end up wit loads of random scratches and blisters because roaming around the fields comes at a price, which in this case takes a load on your legs/arms.
The farm we went to had a lovely selection of drinks and food that were of-course lavender themed. Lastly, don’t forget to take a moment between the snapping and exploring to take in the beauty of the acres of purple all around you!

 Outfit Details – 

Dress – Missguided
Hat – Forever21
Earrings – Bershka

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