Forever Emboldened

I recently participated in a fashion competition with 2 of my friends, it went by the name of Project Runway. Each team had to come up with a idea to showcase the theme “Forever Emboldened” onto any piece of clothing they prefer. We also had to get it stitched from outside as store bought clothes wouldn’t be allowed. One of the members in the team would walk the ramp with the final piece! Our team decided to go for a tube dress divided into different layers, each representing some aspect of a topic that we are extremely passionate about. This is the message we want to convey. Leave your thoughts down below.

“I want to be thin enough” so that I don’t embarrass myself during sports. I wish” I wasn’t so dumb” or that I didn’t have these ugly scars covering my body. I wish my thighs weren’t so fat or that I was taller. These are often the thoughts that swirl through the minds of almost every girl all over the world. You might be eight, twelve or twenty when this happens, but this demon of a voice stays with you for eternity. There are quite a lot of books and articles written on this topic but we feel like it’s not emphasised as much as it should be. With the advent of social media portraying beauty conventionally, it’s becoming easier for almost everyone to fall prey to this lifetime of negativity and body bashing. The second layer of this dress contains pieces of broken glass signifying the utter frustration and hopelessness that goes through the girl’s mind. She wants to fit in but she can’t no matter how much she starves herself or curses her face. Every time she looks in the mirror she looks at an image of herself that is extremely chubby or just not “ good enough’. So how does she get out of this endless cycle? Firstly stop being so negative- its self destructive. With good therapy, friends and self love she conquers her inner demon. Her dreams, goals and aspirations help in overcoming societal labels to find inner peace. She wishes to soar higher and higher in sky, free of all stereotypical notions that bind her to the ground. And with the approach of a new dawn, she does exactly that. You can’t please everyone and it’s not your job to anyway. You aren’t your weight, height or body. 

You are you, forever emboldened by your passions, your determination and even by your obstacles. You weren’t born to be just “pretty”, “smart”, “thin” or “tall”. You were born to fly.

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