A Girl and Her Wonderland

Once upon a time, there lived a girl who seemed to be eternally stuck in a Wonderland, a micro environment of sorts, in which the rules of the outside world didn’t apply. There was no sadness or negativity and there was just fun to be had among oversaturated colours. 

She starts the day by sitting on her favourite ride, the magical carousel that spins round and round till she was dizzy with happiness. The sparkly lights and golden interior was enough to transport her into a fairytale.

It’s then time for the midday games session, she really wants to win that giant blue teddy/unicorn kind of thing this time for sure. The girl tries her luck but those rings just never seem to land on any bottles, ah well there’s always next time. All this exertion makes her hungry, but in Wonderland all they eat is candy-floss and sugary treats so off she goes to find tons of it. 

With lunch done, it was time to get an adrenaline rush, Off she goes to that intimidating roller-coaster, the one she always promises to get on but never actually does. Maybe this was the day! She makes her way to the entrance, gets on the ride and waits for it to begin with her eyes shut tight. As it starts, she can feel the wind in her hair and her heart beating out loud. “It wouldn’t hurt to open one eye and have a tiny peek”, she thinks. Determined to do it, the girl opens both her eyes and sees…. (continued below)

……..’RINGGGGGGG’. Shoot, it was already 8am! How could she have slept through her 3 alarms AGAIN. She would be late for college for the 2nd time this week and that too after jostling through the trains during rush hour.

It was back to the real world for now, because Wonderland is always a dream. 

Outfit #1 details:

Dress – Forever 21

Boots – Current Mood (Depop)

Outerwear – Missguided

Earrings – H&M

Turtleneck – Mango

Outfit #2 details:

Dress – Lazy Oaf

Shoes – Topshop

Earrings – Claire’s

Bag – Zara

Leather jacket – Bershka

On my lips – The shade ‘Bawse’ (Smashbox)

Location: Winter Wonderland, London

Photographer: Bekky Lonsdale 

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