Turns Out We Do Dress Up For Others – A Monologue

4 weeks and counting since India (and pretty much the rest of the world) started obsessing over Dalgona coffee tutorials, making an obscene number of Tik Tok videos (I’m guilty for this one too) and resorting to baking banana bread in an attempt to combat the isolation that comes with this new reality. 

The internet is suddenly flooded with ways to increase productivity at home, reasons to develop another hobby or even focus on your mental health because these are obviously difficult times. If you’re anything like me, then this overload of advice/information might feel overwhelming. Which is why even writing this blogpost seemed tedious, because there’s enough coronavirus related content going around to make our heads explode.

So let’s skip ahead and talk about what we’re wearing in the deep, dark abyss of our rooms, now that no one is watching or cares. I’ll be honest, my closet has never looked more organised – mostly because I reach out for the familiar 3-4 pyjamas and comfy tops that my mum despises and swears to throw out on my behalf, once this lockdown is lifted. Faded, loose and old is a pretty accurate description of these clothing items but that doesn’t stop me from carrying it off as the ultimate #ootd. Add a pathetic bun + chipped nail polish + spiralling thoughts to this combination to decipher my exact state.

Not having any Zoom calls to attend or places to be, I’ve come to a realisation that my relationship with what I wear does to an extent depend on being in public and having somewhere to ‘go’. I’d be lying if I said you’ll find me lounging at home wearing this yellow saree, mostly because its not practical and walking in this is NOT easy. So this begs the question- do any of us truly dress for ourselves? Are are those last-minute splurges justified if it can’t be worn in the comfort of your own home or on a day that isn’t a special occasion? Sure, that handbag makes you feel like a million bucks and this dress fits you like a glove, but in the words of Marie Kondo – “does it spark joy”? And does it spark enough joy that you’d be happy to wear it only at home where the sole viewers of it is your family or your cat (maybe even none)? 

This is just the start of a conversation we ought to have in order to cut down on last-minute unwanted purchases and impulse shopping, something I’ve indulged in for the longest time. Everyone seems to be talking about what they’d buy as soon as this pandemic is behind us and words like ‘revenge buying‘ are popping up. As much as boosting the economy is important and restoring retail is an integral part of that, binge buying yourself a new wardrobe isn’t the solution. If anything, conscious consumerism proves to be more important than ever. Among the numerous other lessons the past few months have taught us, one of them is definitely a mantra I’ll be following the next time I find myself in a mall – if I wouldn’t wear it during self-isolation, it’s not worth buying at all. 

On another note, hope you enjoy this post. It was shot pre-lockdown and now seemed like the perfect time to inject a bit of colour into an otherwise dull routine. Stay home, stay safe x

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