Power Puff Girl

It’s been a while I know, it’s my final year at university and I’m knee deep working on my submissions. I’ve just come back from a holiday in Portugal, which came at a perfect time allowing me to take a break from all the work. Keep your eyes peeled for a blogpost (coming soooon) covering all the places I stayed in Portugal along with the must visit spots that you won’t see on a typical guide.

Onto the blogpost, @jamaloop and I shot these set of pictures in the gloomy London rain which was actually amazing because the lighting turned out great! I’ve always been the type of person who loves a sunny shoot day but this rainy atmosphere gives the photos such a different edge. My top tips (more like only tips haha) for shooting in this weather would be wearing waterproof makeup and going for a hairstyle that involves the ‘wet hair’ look or a simple ponytail which wouldn’t be ruined by the rain either. 

 Outfit Details:

Puffer jacket: HM X Moschino collection

Top: Mango

Skirt and headband: Zara

Bum bag: Stradivarius

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