Not A Layering Queen

Post-exams and the end of a long but productive college term, is exactly what I needed to bring out this post that I’d worked on AGES ago.

Holiday season is upon us and there is nowhere you’d rather be than London to experience it (if you ignore the part where it’s dark by 3:30pm). However before the month of festivities came along, there was autumn, which again (drumroll) is a great time to be in London.

It’s breath-taking, especially for me, because we don’t get to see so much of it back in India. Spend an afternoon in absolutely any park, you’ll find yourself staring at a red and yellow canvas (and several people trying to get the perfect candid *leaves falling on them* boomerang for Instagram). Another great thing about fall? It was actually still quite warm and I didn’t have to pile on fifty things to step outside, be it for going to college or getting takeaway pizza from across the road. So knowing me and my non-existent layering skills, I didn’t take autumn seriously in terms of keeping myself warm. Trust me when I say that I held onto wearing minimal winter pieces until I possibly couldn’t.  It’s simply a matter of picking your favourite summer dress/skirt and putting on a statement jacket or knee-high boots, thus taking the utmost advantage of not-so-cold/not-so-hot weather for as long as possible!

Also now that I’m back in Bangalore’s pleasant climate, I can wear this outfit again in all it’s glory. Thank you for reading, I’ll be back with new content from my travel to Dubai soon so stay tuned for that!


Top: Forever 21

Boots: Forever 21

Skirt: Zara 

Choker: Zara

Jacket: Primark

Photography by Anastasija Je

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