Spaced Out

Happy 2018 everyone! This year starts with me finally upgrading my website and bringing my vision for it to life. I’m really happy with the outcome, and I would love to know your thoughts on it too!

Coming on to this look, it’s definitely out of my comfort zone. I sometimes wish I was confident enough to wear this outside on a regular day, but to be very honest, I would rather hole up at home than muster up the courage to don something this loud. And that is why this blog exists, as a safe haven for me to experiment and be as outrageously ‘extra’ as possible. I’m not that blogger who’s going to tell you to wear what you want because everyone else’s opinion shouldn’t matter, mostly because I know what it feels like to be over-conscious about your clothes.

Whether it’s catcalls, unapologetic stares or just plain judgemental looks, we all differ in terms of how we deal with it. I felt like I was in a bubble, looking at other influencers/bloggers, no matter their following, wearing daring outfits in the midst of busy streets with an attitude that I look upto. Their level of assertiveness exuded through the mobile screen and I longed to match upto that. But if there’s anything I’ve learnt in the last few weeks, is that it ended up being a source of pressure rather than inspiration and that’s when I had to take a step back.

I realised that being a blogger doesn’t necessarily equate to having bold clothing choices, being comfortable whilst being photographed as strangers look on or even pouring your heart out online for everyone to read. Rather, I am allowing myself to feel anxious in each of these steps, because that’s all the acceptance I need to keep on producing new content. 

Thank you for reading my longest post yet, and I hope it introduced you to a new side of blogging that many probably don’t talk about.



Skirt – Forever 21

Boots – Zara

On my lips – Rebel (Mac)

Location Credit – Bogineni Black

Photography Credits: Murali

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