Coachella Anybody?

This year’s Coachella looks were brilliant as usual – off-shoulder dresses, fringed tops, crochet, wild hair and loud accessories were present in abundance.This festival look definitely made me feel like I was there, in spirit of-course. I’m wearing H&M from head to toe (excluding the bracelets and ring) and couldn’t be happier about it.

Speaking of Coachella, this dress is from the H&M loves Coachella collection, a perfect combination of eye catching street wear with a bit of an oomph factor. It’s super colourful and fun, and even though it is knitted, you can wear it on a hot summers day without worrying about dying in the heat. And if the dress wasn’t enough to brighten up your mood then the vibrant bohemian yellow earrings will surely do the job! I honestly feel like this is going to be my go-to accessory for the coming months. Lastly the heels, it literally transforms me from a tiny smurf to a towering giant (no like seriously). Put on a bit of arm and finger candy, this Coachella-inspired look is complete!

Location courtesy – Om Made Cafe, Bangalore.

Photographed by Murali from Chromasutra

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