The Obsession Quotient was created in 2015 by Avani Thakkar as a creative outlet to document her personal style, travels and photography. A Fashion Marketing graduate from University of The Arts London, she is currently working as a freelance fashion and lifestyle writer.

From discussing the ins and outs of ‘making it’ as a fashion student, divulging some real behind-the-scenes of shooting on the streets and chronicling the evolution of her style –  which is now a culmination of both western and Indian influences – this platform aims to kick off a conversation that goes beyond trends, fashion shows or the latest ‘it’ product.

Glamour and escapism are undoubtedly massive facets of what initially led to building this platform, however over the years The Obsession Quotient has expanded to include much more than the daily #ootd. Paving a path for oneself in this dynamic industry, the joys and challenges of pursuing an unconventional career path as a ‘creative’ and the mystery to what exactly does a job in fashion entail – are some of the puzzles this blog hopes to uncover through thought-provoking interactions with various visionaries making their mark in the Indian fashion industry.

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